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As we develop materials for biology classes, we will post some assignment ideas here. Please feel free to look at, download, and manipulate these files for your classes.

What Is Biology? (An Assignment for the first week of class)

This assignment asks students to apply the definition of biology to topics described in this video: Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind (courtesy of AsapSCIENCE). Check out our blog post by the same name. It suggests how you might use it in class.

Here's the assignment: What Is Biology?

ASAP Science

Word Clouds

Check out Wordle, a great website for building word clouds. I just build one for chemistry and metabolism.

Natural selection simulation

Many students struggle with evolution and natural selection. This assignment helps them apply what they have learned about these topics to a simulation using PowerPoint. View the instructor guide below, which outlines how you might use this assignment in your classroom. Also, look through the two PowerPoint presentations linked below; one is the template for the students to use when completing the assignment and the other is the answer key (for you!).

Instructor guide for natural selection simulation assignment

Student assignment template for natural selection simulation assignment

Answer key for natural selection simulation assignment

Nutrition Label activity

Nutrition label htm

Nutrition label swf


Evolution graphing activity

Evolution graphing htm

Evolution graphing swf


Cladogram activity

Cladogram activity htm

Cladogram activity swf


"Checks" activity

"Checks" activity htm

Radiometric dating activity

Radiometric dating problems htm

Radiometric dating problems swf